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From Mike Meyer <mwm-keyword-apache.b9a...@mired.org>
Subject Re: why do we need this pain?
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2010 23:36:24 GMT
On Thu, 07 Oct 2010 01:12:28 +0200
Guenter Knauf <fuankg@apache.org> wrote:

> Am 06.10.2010 21:40, schrieb Sander Temme:
> > Please make Reply-To default to the list.  It's a discussion list,
> > with discussions taking place on-list.  So responses should go to the
> > list.
> ok, since we are 3 now who would like to have it changed, and the rest 
> seems not to care about, how can we proceed? Whom do I have to ask for 
> the change? who is list manager?

For the record - I'm against the change. RFC 2823 says the Reply-To
header is an originator field, and the list is *not* the originator of
the message.

On the other hand, this breakage is so common I've given up, and my
mail reader now has buttons for Reply to List (which uses the
List-Post header instead of reply-to), and Reply to Author (which uses
the From: header, ignoring reply-to). This breaks people using
reply-to for what it was intended for, but that's less painful than
dealing with broken lists - no matter which way you define broken.

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