Im looking for this book and nothing. I've implemented semaphores with conditition lock, I hope that is that I need. I'm looking this link to try to learn more about apr:

But I dont see nothing about If can I send signals to a condition_lock thread to terminate...

2010/8/23 William A. Rowe Jr. <>
On 8/22/2010 5:55 PM, Oscar Pernas wrote:
> Hi all, I'm new with apr, and I am looking for the way to implements
> semaphores with apr, is currently supported by the library? Anyone knows
> a good book to read about all things that apr has?

Nick's Apache Modules book covers not only the httpd API (all ap_ symbols)
but also APR (all with apr_ or apu_ names), it's probably a good starting point
for you.

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