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From Rainer Jung <rainer.j...@kippdata.de>
Subject Re: [Patch] apr trunk doesn't install apu.h
Date Tue, 03 Aug 2010 06:54:22 GMT
Hi G√ľnter,

On 03.08.2010 08:35, Guenter Knauf wrote:
> Am 06.06.2010 21:13, schrieb Rainer Jung:
>> Subject says it all, more in the patch log message at:
>> http://people.apache.org/~rjung/patches/apr-trunk-fix-broken-installation-of-apu_h.patch
>> On the long term apu.h might go completely, but until now it is still
>> referenced in a lot of installed header files. So e.g. httpd trunk
>> doesn't compile against an installed apr 2 because apr_hooks.h includes
>> apu.h.
> fine so far, but also bad since shouldnt we at least make sure that APR
> itself builds without apu.h? There are still a bunch of headers which
> want to include apu.h - is it ok that I change them all to apr.h, or do
> I have to mimic this dummy apu.h creation?

apr trunk contains apr-util, it has been merged into it and there is no 
more apr-util trunk.

apu.h in apr trunk contains only one functional line:

#include <apr.h>

so it doesn't make sense any longer tou include apu.h nstead of apr.h 
from inside apr.

I guess apu.h is only still there, to keep apr trunk a bit more 
compatible with existing code using apr/apu (like httpd). E.g. httpd 
trunk builds against apr trunk and also against apr/apu branches.

In short: I gues it is OK to only include apr.h from inside apr, but you 
also have to install the redirecting apu.h in order to satisfy the needs 
of the software using apr/apu.



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