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From "Prathima Dandapani -X \(pdandapa - HCL at Cisco\)" <pdand...@cisco.com>
Subject RE: Thread handle leak in APR
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2010 07:04:05 GMT

Thanks for your response.
The server where we observed this is a performance machine. There will be
frequent access to the server. You can see the issue of thread handle leak
on running the server for more than three days. When we cross check the
count of Threads and  thread handles count in total handles, it never shows
the same count.
ThreadsPerChild is set to 500 in our httpd.conf. We are using APR that is
shipped with Apache 2.2.10.We generally download Apache source code, compile
and then make use.

Steps used to compile Apache is as follows.
Run Setenv.cmd  from the Windows-Server-2003-R2-Platform-SDK installed
Run vcvars32.bat  from VC++ installed directory.
nmake /f makefile.win _apacher   

Apache.exe -V
Server version: Apache/2.2.10 (Win32)
Server built:   Oct 17 2008 14:06:17
Server's Module Magic Number: 20051115:18
Server loaded:  APR 1.3.3, APR-Util 1.3.4
Compiled using: APR 1.3.3, APR-Util 1.3.4
Architecture:   32-bit
Server MPM:     WinNT
  threaded:     yes (fixed thread count)
    forked:     no
Server compiled with....
 -D APACHE_MPM_DIR="server/mpm/winnt"
 -D HTTPD_ROOT="/apache"
 -D SUEXEC_BIN="/apache/bin/suexec"
 -D DEFAULT_SCOREBOARD="logs/apache_runtime_status"
 -D DEFAULT_ERRORLOG="logs/error.log"
 -D AP_TYPES_CONFIG_FILE="conf/mime.types"
 -D SERVER_CONFIG_FILE="conf/httpd.conf"

I see the following bug.
Is this we are hitting?

Let us know if you need more information.

Thanks and Regards,

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From: John Vandenberg [mailto:jayvdb@gmail.com] 
Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2010 6:35 PM
To: pdandapa@cisco.com
Cc: dev@apr.apache.org
Subject: Re: Thread handle leak in APR

On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 9:11 PM, Prathima Dandapani -X (pdandapa - HCL at
Cisco) <pdandapa@cisco.com> wrote:
>  Hello APR team,
> We are observing Apache thread handle leak in windows.Apache's non 
> paged pool memory blows up because of this and eventually none of 
> other applications gets an handle.
> TaskManager shows Apache has 503 threads and 328,817 handles. Handles 
> are very huge.
> Using process explorer when I checked the handles almost all of them 
> are Apache threads.
> Kindly find the attachment for the same.
> Is this a bug?
> Let us know your views on this issue.

Was there any significant load on the Apache server?  Can you reproduce it?
If so, how?

Are you using the Apache 2.2.10 binary distributed by Apache?

If you have rolled your own apr, could you let us know how you built it
(MSVC, msys, other) and any configure options, etc. that might be relevant.

John Vandenberg

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