I have an Apache Module that needs to start using the apr_dbd.  Step one is going to be to compile the apr_dbd_sqlite3.c to use a custom version of the sqlite engine.  The question is: how...

I am on Windows using Visual Studio 2008 and Apache 2.2.11.  I have not and would prefer not to compile Apache.

Do I need to compile the whole apr library, per the instructions on the web site or should I be able to simply convert the apr_dbd_sqlite3.dsp project to a Visual Studio 2008 project and compile it?  I did try this and there is an error about no apu.h file, should I simply copy apu.hw over to apu.h or is there some pre build process I should run?

Once I get the module compiled, where exactly does mod_dbd go looking for the apr_dbd_sqlite3?  Does it simply look in the system path or does it look in a specific location?