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From John Vandenberg <jay...@gmail.com>
Subject optimising the mingw build
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2010 23:33:00 GMT
A patch on bug 46175 from Nov 2008 restored the CFLAGS for mingw to
the default of -O2.  I tried this, and found no unexpected problems
when using libtool 2.2.6b and gcc 3.4.5 on msys 1.0.11(0.46/3/2).

So either the problem is fixed with apr code changes, or a libtool
version between v1.5 and v2.2.6b fixed the problem.

Do we care to know when & how it started working, or can we simply
re-enable optimisation for mingw builds  (and wait for the bug
reports..) ?

My current msys test results are:

Failed Tests            Total   Fail    Failed %
testdso                     5      4     80.00%
testfile                   35      1      2.86%
testuser                    3      1     33.33%

the testdso results are the same as in 2006[1].

How does this compare with MSVC test results?

btw, I tried jlibtool on msys; it compiles, and builds the objects,
but executables are not linked correctly.  Is anyone working on this?

1. http://marc.info/?l=apr-dev&m=114506483217503&w=2
John Vandenberg

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