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From Sam Carleton <scarle...@miltonstreet.com>
Subject Understanding apu_dso_load
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2010 17:00:29 GMT
Ok, I have succeeded in getting apr_dbd_sqlite3.c to compile with the
correct runtime, now it is time to use it.  Today I am going to be
using it on Windows, later on Unix, so I need to understand how to
load it in both worlds...

It looks like the mod_dbd calls apu_dso_load() to load the driver.  In
looking at the code, it appears that the non win32 platforms need to
have the compiler macro APU_DSO_LIBDIR set.  This leads to two

1: On the win32 machines, where does the system look for the drivers?
In the enviornment path?

2: In the non win32 world, I cannot hard code paths, is there some
other option to tell apu_dso_load() where to look for the drivers?


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