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From Chen Chien-Yu <honer...@gmail.com>
Subject HTTP doesn't work after upgrading from 2.0.55 to 2.2.15
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2010 08:50:26 GMT
Hi all,

I've been suffering from a problem for more than 1 week. The client will get
stuck when reading a page from Apache, it just waits for the zero-chunk
being sent from the Apache.

This post (
describes the problem I met.

After some debugging and analyses (
it seems the problem is caused by the APR library when processing  the
bucket reading, an infinite loop?!

Then I found a post in this mail list with similar symptom as mine (
and another discussion that might be related to my problem (

But the post about "blocking bucket reads on non-blocking sockets" was in
2004, it's 6 years ago.
The Apache version I'm using is 2.2.15, the newest stable version, I don't
think the bug fix wouldn't include in the version.

How can I make sure the fix was included? Or do you guys have any idea about
my problem?


Best regards,

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