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From Stefan Fuhrmann <stefanfuhrm...@alice-dsl.de>
Subject First SVN performance data
Date Wed, 12 May 2010 10:24:38 GMT
Hi there,

as I promised, I'm going to conduct some in-depth 
analysis and comprehensive SVN performance testing.
That is very time-consuming process.

However, it seems that many people have incorrect
or outdated ideas about the current state of affairs.
To add a bit more substance to the discussion, I like
to present some preliminary data and not to wait
until I collected all data I intend to. 

Side note: Maybe, these numbers make it clearer why 
my patches should be committed after review.

Bottom line: 
* SVN servers tend to be CPU-limited
  (we already observed that problem @ our company
  with SVN 1.4)
* packed repositories are ~20% faster than non-packed, 
* optimal file cache size is roughly /trunk size
  (plus branch diffs, but that is yet to be quantified)
* "cold" I/O from a low-latency source takes 2 .. 3 times
  as long as from cached data
* a fully patched 1.7 server is twice as fast as 1.6.9

"Export" has been chosen to eliminate problems
with client-side w/c performance.

Please note that all measurements were taken in
a true client/server setup. You can achieve similar
performance in low-latency broad-band networks.

-- Stefan^2.

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