Dear Voter,

As long as the structural problems in international trade continue, unemployment will stay high, wages will be lower, state and federal tax revenues will continue to decline; school districts, state and county agencies will face persistent budgetary pressures, and the middle class will shrink further.

The heart of the structural problems in international trade is that:

In every country around the world international trade is controlled by some form of monopoly / oligopoly. These institutions make 40% or more net profits, pay low wages, have large market share and sell their products at top dollar in the US market. One of the major problems of monopolies / oligopolies is that they take too much circulating money out of the US economy. In other words, they create a situation where there is not enough money circulating for people to buy goods or services. Just like when oil and gas prices go up - we have less money to buy other goods and services.

Monopolies / oligopolies set their prices and this lack of competition leaves prices artificially higher, taking more liquidity out of the market. This lack of competition impedes US economic growth. The other contributing factor to the economic slow down is when consumers around the world purchase goods that have been produced by cheap labor. A viscous cycle begins when those exploited workers do not have enough money to buy enough quality goods or services necessary to stimulate the rest of the economy. These purchases then contribute to the declining tax revenue, the higher unemployment and the shrinking middle class in the US.

This is a structural problem in the global economy and if it doesn’t change, government economic stimulus packages will be temporary, unemployment will go back up and tax revenues will continue to decline. In other words, the economy will enter a long term trend towards contraction instead of growth and there won’t be enough revenue to pay for Medicare and Social Security entitlements.

Will you join me in letting Congress know that the heart of the global economic slow down is the structural problems in national and international trade.

It takes five minutes of your day and does not cost you a dime. Below is a list of more than 200 House and Senate member's e-mail addresses. Let them all know that they need to understand the economic problem before they can fix it. They may not be your elected official, but they collectively make decisions that will impact all of our lives.


Harley Meyer

Independent for US Congress

7th Congressional District Arizona

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Harley Meyer for US Congress Arizona 7th Congressional District

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