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From leigh...@mail.eecis.udel.edu
Subject Additional support for SCTP
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2010 16:03:18 GMT
Hi All -

I've recently created an enhancement bug report for adding additional SCTP
support to APR.  APR has included support for opening SCTP sockets for
many years (since 2002?), but does not yet include any support for most of
SCTP's features.  I'd like to start by adding some basic but key
functionality, and to that end I've posted a proposed patch that adds
support for sctp_sendmsg(), sctp_recvmsg(), and methods to get and set the
many SCTP socket options that are not simply on/off options.  Here's a
link to the bug report:


I would be grateful for any feedback regarding what I'm trying to
accomplish as well as how I'm going about it.  Thanks very much.

- Jon Leighton

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