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From "Yonts, Richard" <Richard.Yo...@smss.sony.com>
Subject Question about LoadModule inside <VirtualHost> container
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2010 17:15:15 GMT
An Apache server was misconfigured where a LoadModule directive was inside a <VirtualHost
*:444> definition.  I have found  a smattering of documentation saying that the LoadModule
must be in the server context, not a container context.  Assuming is correct, I have a question
about what I did observe.

My module created a server configuration and initialized it, one flag of which was that the
initialization was complete.  When a Location directive was hit, the initialized data gets
displayed.  Here is the oddity: When I hit the Location from anything other than port 444,
I would see the initialized data; however, when I hit the Location using port 444, the data
was uninitialized.  Why?

I would expect that the port 444 config block would be the initialized one and every other
one would be uninitialized, but I observed the exact opposite.  I think that in this case
there would be two server config blocks, one for 444 and one in general.  Of course, I can
find no documentation to explain this, and possibly it needs no explanation, but does anyone
have a reasonable idea as to what is going on?

I moved the LoadModule outside the virtual container and all works as expected; I simply remain
puzzled why it broke "backwards".

Thank you,

Rich Yonts
sola fide, sola gratia, solus Christus, sola Scriptura, soli Deo gloria
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