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From "NEAL, RYAN" <RYAN_N...@appsig.com>
Subject RE: Cross compiling the APR suite
Date Thu, 21 Jan 2010 00:30:01 GMT

So after some investigation I have found something that I think is a
problem...I have work around that gets me closer but it isn't there yet.

When APU is trying to determine iconv "presence" it will write a little
program and try and compile it.  The file is just to determine if the
included files are there.  What ends up happening when I am cross
compiling is that iconv.h includes features.h which includes
gnu/stubs-32.h.  When it tries this it is relying on the build machine's
install.  I am building on a F11 64bit machine.  Thus I have a
stubs-64.h, but no stubs-32.h.  I went and got a stubs-32.h from another
Red Hat machine, this allows me to get to the point where it tries to
find the libiconv file (-liconv).  This is failing.  

I am not sure where I can get a copy of this.  Do I not have a iconv
installed on the machine?  I thought it came with the F11 install. 

Again thanks for helping!

:: Ryan Neal

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From: Daniel Pocock [mailto:daniel@pocock.com.au] 
Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 2010 3:04 AM
To: Nick Kew
Cc: NEAL, RYAN; dev@apr.apache.org
Subject: Re: Cross compiling the APR suite

I've attempted cross compiling with the Android NDK and the NDK

There were a few things I had to tweak, I will publish some details 
shortly.  Some of what I did will be necessary for any cross-compile, 
not just Android.

Nick Kew wrote:
> On 20 Jan 2010, at 01:02, NEAL, RYAN wrote:
>> Hello,
> Your mail would be more legible it you can stop your mailer
> scrambling it into pseudo-HTML.
>> ./configure CC=powerpc-linux-gcc --host=powerpc-linux
--prefix=/tmp/target_filesystem/apr ac_cv_file__dev_zero=yes
ac_cv_func_setpgrp_void=yes apr_cv_tcp_nodelay_with_cork=yes
ac_cv_sizeof_struct_iovec=8 --enable-threads CXX=powerpc-linux-g++
> Is this a cross-compile you're attempting?  If not, whence all those
>> /tmp/target_filesystem/apr/lib/libapr-1.so: warning: the use of
LEGACY `utimes' is discouraged, use `utime'
> Could be worth following up ...
>> /tmp/target_filesystem/apr/lib/libapr-1.so: undefined reference to
> So it's compiled libapr with pthread for the target system but doesn't
find it
> on the host system.  Maybe it would help if you point your --with-apr
> to the target apr's apr-1-config?
>> Any ideas would be REALLY helpful.   I am stumped!
> If we knew what you're really trying to do ....
> Find exactly what failed in config.log.  Then try the same thing by
> and tweak that until you have it working.  You can then work backwards
> to the build options and/or patches you may need.

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