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From Jeff Trawick <traw...@gmail.com>
Subject comments on DTrace support for hooks
Date Fri, 11 Dec 2009 20:21:22 GMT
1. Enablement:

The configure-time choice triggers the useful detection of the
appropriate system header file, but otherwise it is harmful since it
requires that all apps which use the hook macros and build against
this copy of apr have the build infrastructure to handle the generated
DTrace probes.

As there is limited benefit to a configure-time option and a big
drawback and it affects only the code generated within applications at
compile-time, those applications which want DTrace probes inside their
hooks should have to define something at compile time to generate the
probes.  Call it APR_HOOK_PROBE_DTRACE for the moment.

2. Implementation:

in apr_hooks.h map indirectly to the system-provided DTRACE_PROBE()
(and so on) hooks, though they are missing the generation of an
appropriate function prototype; thus, we get compile warnings for the
generated probe function names, since they have no prototype.

I don't see any discussion to why the OLD_DTRACE... macros were
created to mimic the DTRACE_PROBE... macros instead of doing something
like this:

#if enable-DTrace

#define foo_DTRACE_PROBE(x,y) DTRACE_PROBE(x,y)


#define foo_DTRACE_PROBE(x,y)


But I see that FreeBSD 7.1 has no DTRACE_PROBE... macros; perhaps that
is why.  (Leopard, Solaris 10, and OpenSolaris do.)

3. Applicability to other trace mechanisms:

There isn't any unless you get APR_DTRACE_PROVIDER turned on but
provide alternate implementations of OLD_DTRACE_PROBE...  Even then,
the invocation of OLD_DTRACE_PROBE... is specific to the particular
generation of DTrace probe names; see the token pasting in the

OLD_DTRACE_PROBE2(name##__dispatch__complete, (char *)pHook[n].szName, rv);


I think we should push the DTrace detail out of APR and force the
application to define APR_HOOK_PROBES_ENABLED as well as
implementations of the APR_HOOK_PROBE-APR_HOOK_PROBE2 macros before
including apr_hooks.h.

Imagine ap_hooks.h with DTrace enabled in httpd:

#if AP_ DTrace hook probes

#include <sys/sdt.h>

#define APR_HOOK_PROBE(namespace, name, mode) \
  DTRACE_PROBE(namespace, name##mode)    /* or something like that */


#include "apr_hooks.h"

I'll change the hook [D]trace support Real Soon now along these lines,
before the apr-util 1.4.x API is frozen.

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