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From Guenter Knauf <fua...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [discuss] Releasing pre-release APR
Date Mon, 21 Dec 2009 19:35:47 GMT
William A. Rowe Jr. schrieb:
> In light of current events, here's a policy statement I'd like to propose
> for consideration (just a discussion item at this point);
>   The APR project strongly discourages any release of the APR software
>   with modifications of the API.  This includes shipping ".0-dev" pre
>   release source code which has not yet been adopted in an official APR
>   release.  Any such use is in violation of the Apache APR trademark.
>   Private releases which include API modifications must not use the name
>   Apache APR and must not use the same publicly installed library and header
>   file names, or must not be installed or configured to be installed to the
>   platform-specific, conventional shared paths such as /usr/bin/, /usr/include,
>   %windir%\system32 etc.  Nothing in this policy precludes the application
>   of patches or bug fixes conforming to the released API, although the Apache
>   APR project strongly encourages authors to submit such fixes to the project.
>   Snapshots of the current development trees are available for a short period
>   of time at http://svn.apache.org/snapshots/, these are not provided for
>   redistribution.  Developers are encouraged to test against these snapshots
>   or the SVN development tree, propose API enhancements and patches to the
>   project, and participate in the API discussion.  See the guidelines at;
>   http://apr.apache.org/patches.html for additional details.
> thoughts?/
I think we need a way to distribute alpha releases, just same as what we
do with httpd.
Now what I'm trying to understand is how we really break machines of
alpha testers? First of all I would never test alpha releases on a
production machine, but instead use a dedicated test box for such, and I
also expect everyone else doing so; or that they use a virtual machine,
or a chroot environment (if that works).
Second how do we break things, and what do we break?
The installed libraries are most likely not a problem since they have a
new so name, so nothing links against them. The installed headers are
more a problem, and we should think of a way to workaround this. Isnt it
possible to use versioned directories like 'apr-1.4' instead of just
'apr'? Then we could probably have more than one installed apr version
side by side ...
Another thing could be to default to static libraries, and only build
shared ones if explicitly specified as argument to configure ...


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