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From Edgar Frank <ef-li...@email.de>
Subject [long] problems with brigade handling and thread safety
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2009 11:57:50 GMT
Hi list,

I want to report an issue I encountered with bucket brigades.
It's not really a bug - more some kind of complicated handling
which is not documented.

This mail might be a little lengthy, but I'd really appreciate if
you could take the time to read and comment on this.

My situation is as follows:

I'm writing an Apache module which holds some number of
persistent connections to a backend server and hands them out to
each request (via an apr_reslist). The reslist holds sockes
and bucket brigades with a socket bucket in it (allocated on
the child pool).

Now when I'm in a request and aquired a resource
(socket + brigade) from the reslist, I read with
apr_brigade_split_line from the brigade into a brigade allocated
from the request pool. Afterwards, I return as soon as possible
the resource back to the reslist to allow other requests to use
the backend server.

I guess you can already imaginge what happens next. I painfully
found out by digging through the APU sourcecode. The bucket in
the request-local brigade holds a reference to the original
bucket of the brigade in the reslist, effectively messing with
the ref-counter spuriously.

What I complain about (no offense) is, that this is not
documented. For someone who isn't deeply into the sourcecode,
this is really frustrating, as one (IMHO) would expect that the
two brigades are independent in terms of thread safety after a
call to apr_brigade_split_line.

My feedback for improvement would be to point these issues out
in the documention.

Regarding this and trying to work around the problem, I found no
possibility to decouple the two brigades. Maybe I'm missining
something, but as far as I see a copied bucket is still
allocated on the source bucket_allocator. While I understand
that ref-counting and cheap copying is crucial for performance,
I'd also would like to see functions deep-copying buckets (as
long as this is applicable - e.g. for heap buckets). If I just
missed the function for this, I'd be glad if you could let me


"Edgar Frank" <ef-lists@email.de>

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