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From Dan Poirier <poir...@pobox.com>
Subject PR 47572 - should --with-dbm=gdbm imply --with-gdbm?
Date Tue, 25 Aug 2009 13:02:37 GMT
I opened this suggestion a while back and haven't seen any feedback.


When I configure apr to use gdbm:

./configure --with-dbm=gdbm

but forget to include --with-gdbm, then apr gets built in a way that 
requires apr_gdbm, but doesn't build apr_gdbm.  The result is that code 
that tries to use apr_dbm, e.g. htdbm, fails.

It would be nice if specifying --with-dbm=gdbm would automatically add 
--with-gdbm, or at least result in an error if --with-gdbm wasn't specified.

I've provided a patch that turns on --with-gdbm.  An alternative would 
be to fail the configure if --with-dbm=gdbm was requested and it didn't 
find gdbm, whether because no --with-gdbm was given or it's just not 
installed.  I'm open to advice on which fits better with the usual 
practice for autoconf.


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