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From Guenter Knauf <fua...@apache.org>
Subject need a solution with APR DSO
Date Sun, 09 Aug 2009 01:56:07 GMT
I have the this issue:
if I define APU_DSO_BUILD=1 then that means that we're forced to build
every driver as DSO. On NetWare though we dont want to do so: we have
always LDAP available and installed - there's no NetWare installation
without LDAP, while MySQL and all other DBs are optional - therefore we
want to always build LDAP statically linked into APR, while we _must_
make the DBD drivers dynamic and optional since they depend on the
database client libs. So what we need is this:
- define APU_DSO_BUILD=1 in order to build the DBD drivers as DSO
- define APU_DSO_LDAP_BUILD=0 in order to build LDAP support static
looking into apr_ldap_init.c this seems not possible:
there we find at line 23ff:

so this means for the NetWare build: either have set APU_DSO_BUILD=0 in
order to build LDAP static and then no DBD driver at all, or have set
APU_DSO_BUILD=1 and be forced to build LDAP as DSO.
If we have already an own define APU_DSO_LDAP_BUILD - why cant we just
move its setting into apu_config.h and each platform can set it as it fits?

please comment!

thanks, Gün.

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