2009/6/30 <bojan@apache.org>
Author: bojan
Date: Tue Jun 30 21:35:27 2009
New Revision: 789965

URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?rev=789965&view=rev
Use locally scoped variables to avoid stomping on return codes.
PR 47431.
Patch by Wayne Jensen <wayne_jensen trendmicro.com>.

IMO the better way to handle this would have been

int ret, tmpret;

and using tmpret when the function-wide ret shouldn't be touched

Overloading "ret" and the semi-hidden setting of the function-wide ret make this code less clear than it could be.

Continuing down the overly picky trail: It would be better to focus CHANGES entries on the impact to library consumers, and omit details like "locally[-]scoped variables".