Dan Poirier wrote:
Laurent Charmet <laurent.charmet@atempo.com> writes:

On linux when filesystem is full, apr_file_write return 28 and windows
return 720112

What is the right way to do that ? Is there an APR_STATUS_IS_FSFULL()
macro for example ?

Search apr/include/*.h for FULL.

I find APR_STATUS_IS_ENOSPC. But even if grep is my friend, it's not obvious to determine that error code 28 or 720112 is manage by

#define APR_STATUS_IS_ENOSPC(s)         ((s) == APR_ENOSPC \
                || (s) == APR_OS_START_SYSERR + ERROR_DISK_FULL)

Thx for your answer, and congratulation to all for this very usefull framework.