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From Rhys Ulerich <rhys.uler...@gmail.com>
Subject apr 1.3.6 incorrectly includes "-g -O2" in 'pkg-config --cflags"
Date Mon, 13 Jul 2009 22:19:53 GMT
Hi all,

apr version 1.3.6 incorrectly includes "-g -O2" in the output of
'pkg-config --cflags apr-1':
    -pthread -I/org/centers/pecos/LIBRARIES/APR/apr-1.3.6-intel-10.1.017/include/apr-1
A pkg-config package shouldn't be mucking with optimization and debugging flags.

Generally, all of the entries from -DLINUX=2 through -O2 look suspect
in that output.  I'm not good enough with apr to know if they're
required, however.  An #if statement including LINUX appears in the
installed apr_general.h.  Neither _REENTRANT nor _GNU_SOURCE appears
in any of the headers in the installation directory.

These entries appear in pkg-config output because @EXTRA_CPPFLAGS@ and
@EXTRA_CFLAGS@ are present in apr.pc.in.

Thanks for your time,

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