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From Guenter Knauf <fua...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [vote] release apr 1.3.4, apr-util 1.3.5
Date Mon, 01 Jun 2009 23:30:07 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. schrieb:
> carlo.bramix wrote:
>> Unfortunately, you are right: these sources do not work under Mingw and Msys (sigh...)
>> >From      : "Guenter Knauf" fuankg@apache.org
>>> MingW32 / MSYS configure build is still broken ...
>>> Günter.
> Posts like this get you no where; post the errors and your own diagnostics
> of them before even asking this list for help with such things.  Shame.
oh, I think he did well since he reminded you for an outstanding patch
before release:
I cant currently check if the patch solves all issues since I have no
Python on my Win32 machine yet where I have MingW32/MSYS, but I can say
that I had already a partly similar patch in pipeline before Carlo
pointed  to the BZ. Also I doubt that Mladen broke this since main prob
is configure magic to detect and include tlhelp32.h, and AFAIK Mladen
does only MSVC (though maybe that changed).
Unfortunately cross-mingw32 on Linux is broken either for another
reason: configure wants to check somewhere for /dev/zero:
configure:23216: result: no
configure:23230: checking for MAP_ANON in sys/mman.h
conftest.c:35:22: error: sys/mman.h: No such file or directory
configure:23259: result: no
configure:23270: checking for /dev/zero
configure:23276: error: cannot check for file existence when cross compiling

if interested the complete config.log is here:


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