On Thu, May 7, 2009 at 10:55 AM, Edmund Wong <ed@kdtc.net> wrote:
Jeff Trawick wrote:

Shouldn't APR_POOL_DECLARE_ACCESSOR(file) become

APR_DECLARE(apr_pool_t *) apr_file_pool_get(apr_file_t *thefile); ?

yes, it does; so that part of the comment is incorrect

(perhaps someone will care to adjust the doc; note that the name of the
dummy parameter isn't important)

Thanks for the clarification, Jeff.

Btw, pardon my ignorance, but why is '*thefile' considered a
dummy parameter?

err, "dummy parameter" isn't a good term for that, and I didn't find a good one in my C reference :(

put it this way: you can call "thefile" anything or even omit it since this is the function prototype and not the function declaration

(This is just basic C; perhaps there is a better mailing list?  hint hint hint ;))