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From Sander Striker <s.stri...@striker.nl>
Subject Re: apr-2 pool status [Was: Poor performance with new apr_pool]
Date Wed, 01 Apr 2009 08:25:42 GMT
On Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 10:03 AM, Mladen Turk <mturk@apache.org> wrote:
> So, it's been proven that the new apr pool
> doesn't perform well except on some obscure platforms
> with third-party libraries.
> Further more the new pool broke the API since Paul
> decided he doesn't need the unmanaged pools ;)
> Since there were absolutely nothing wrong with the old
> code can we have it back, or at least compile time
> selectable (like it isn't complex enough) ?
> ... and yes, can we get rid of the POOL_DEBUG.
> It totally breaks the apr concept of a clean API,
> and doubles the pool code without (at least to me)
> any good reason.

Darn, you almost had me there (April Fools!).  Just in case you were
being serious, the pool debug code has certainly helped track down
memory allocation related issues in several applications.  The [old]
pools logic masks a lot, and is therefor not so useful in combination
with tools like valgrind, duma, etc.



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