Paul, did you actually mean to collect votes for various UNIX platforms, or to deprecated things like Netware, BeOS, and OS/2?

As you likely know, maintaining support for, say, Solaris 8 is probably about as hard as maintaining support for AIX and sure shouldn't be disabled were that the case.  Nick Kew is on point, if there is something wrong with APR on a UNIX platform that I want to use, I'll just fix it and submit patches.  I suspect that I'm not in the minority here, either.

As a long-time Solaris developer, BTW, it is not at all unusual to be in that boat.  Especially historically speaking, FOSS has really had a "tested on Linux and if it works on Solaris then that's great, if not, oh well" kind of attitude.  (Note that I explicitly point out that that has never been the case with Apache-httpd, but sure is with a lot of other things)


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