Hello folks,
We are trying to adapt HTTP to work over SCTP streams (http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-natarajan-http-over-sctp-01). Since this proposal was received warmly at the httpbis WG, we are contemplating on a more formal specification of HTTP over SCTP.
The current HTTP over SCTP design exploits SCTP streams to avoid head-of-line blocking. SCTP also offers other services unavailable in TCP such as unordered delivery, partially reliable transmission, message based transfer, multihoming support, more secure connection establishment with a cookie mechanism and so on. We plan on adapting our design proposal to leverage some/all of these SCTP services in the future. 
We implemented HTTP over SCTP streams in Apache and Firefox. Experiments show significant improvements to end user performance in networks with high latency and/or lossy paths. (I can point you to relevant material if you are interested in knowing more.)
We are interested in submitting our code changes to APR and httpd. We'd very much appreciate guidance from httpd and APR developers on our mods and the submission process.