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From Jim Jagielski <...@jagunet.com>
Subject Re: Poor performance with new apr_pool
Date Mon, 30 Mar 2009 18:20:06 GMT
OK... I've tested httpd-trunk (head) with apr-1.4 (head)
and apr-trunk (head). This is on OS X (10.5.6) with both
worker and event MPM. I've also tried different default
mutexes (OSX is SysV, but I've also forced fcntl) and the
rub is that when using the test framework, the
t/module/dir.t test is very, very VERY slow.

With apr-1.4 I get FULL framework test times of:

   t/TEST > /dev/null 2>&1  20.24s user 5.02s system 53% cpu 46.932  
   t/TEST > /dev/null 2>&1  20.39s user 5.08s system 54% cpu 46.692  

with apr-2.0, I get times like

   t/TEST t/modules/dir.t > /dev/null 2>&1  1.22s user 0.49s system 0%  
cpu 7:17.12 total

*just* for the dir.t test.

When I get back from San Mateo I intend to enable pool debugging and
doing some profiling/tracing

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