On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 10:48 AM, Guilherme Namen <guilherme.namen@gmail.com> wrote:
After i compiled apr in FreeBsd 7 i run tests and the testpoll fail
whith segmentation fault. The gdb said that the bug are in testpoll.c
file line 389.
I execute:
 o  ./configure --enable-threads
 o  make
 o  make test

Someone could tell me if this is a bug or my compiler configurations are wrongs.

Very cool!

I expect that this is a bug which has nothing to do with how you built it.

I encountered a crash there intermittently on OS X (which uses the same underlying pollset implementation as FreeBSD).  I tried on FreeBSD 7.1 and wasn't able to reproduce, and feared that it might be a Mac-kernel-specific issue, so I'm very glad that you shared this.

Does it crash every time, or intermittently?