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From Timothy Martin <instant...@me.com>
Subject apache segfaults with dbd + php + mysql
Date Sat, 14 Feb 2009 00:13:01 GMT
I ran in to a problem where I couldn't seem to use apr and apr-util  
1.3.x because Apache httpd would segfault every time. I found bugs  
filed on gentoo, php, and discussion in some forums, but it wasn't  
clear to me that this info was getting where it needed to be... the  
apr developers, right?

It seemed that everyone who had the problem downgraded to 1.2 and left  
it at that. I just wanted to be a samaritan -- I'm not even a  
developer. I can add any debugging info if instructed how to obtain  
it... But here's what i found online:


Bug filed on gentoo:

Bug filed on php5:

If you guys already know about it (and have maybe even already fixed  
it) all the better!


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