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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <wr...@rowe-clan.net>
Subject Re: On to APR 2.0.0? Beyond 9x/ME
Date Sun, 15 Feb 2009 20:09:49 GMT
Branko ─îibej wrote:
> Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
>> 3. make pools runtime-configurable whether they are just a thin
>> malloc()/free() wrapper or do internal reuse
> I think there may be some interest in this ... we've learned the hard
> way that pools as they stand today, while moderately nice for stateless
> server implementations, are less than moderately horrible for anything else.

Nonsense ;-)  It's just a matter of applying the right scope to the right
objects, and this is far simpler than anticipating when individual byte
allocations are free()ed.

What just refers to is whether or not apr_pool_clear/_destroy should drop
the memory back into a pool freelist, or back to the system allocator (and
call a true free() upon their release).  With modern malloc/free, we may be
looking at very little advantage to keeping a freelist.

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