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Jeff Trawick wrote:
With Ubuntu's packaging of OpenLDAP 2.4.9 and whatever OpenLDAP is in Leopard.latest, LDAP_OPT_REFHOPLIMIT is defined in ldap.h but the library returns an error when trying to set it to 5 (httpd LDAP's default value).  This is apparently a wide-spread issue (http://article.gmane.org/gmane.network.openldap.devel/3619).

I assume from reading the referenced page that 5 is not magic. No value works.
What error is returned? Is it an error that clearly indicates the option isn't
supported or does it specify something nebulous like "a bad parm was passed"?

Hop limits 0, 1, and 2 failed as well.  The return code is just LDAP_OPT_ERR, which doesn't sound very specific.  (Given the simple nature of this LDAP option, it may be reasonable to assume that LDAP_OPT_ERR means not-implemented.)

The intent in apr_ldap_set_option() is apparently to ignore lack of support for LDAP_OPT_REFHOPLIMIT, but that is implemented with this compile-time check:


I had originally coded it to be unsupported for openldap in general (based on the
latest openldap doc at the time). It was later changed to look specifically for
LDAP_OPT_REFHOPLIMIT, and then again later to add the check for NOVELL.

How to handle...  Ignore failures and return success if LDAP_OPT_REFHOPLIMIT defined but the set fails?

(As an aside, this busts httpd trunk's LDAP auth with these libraries until you set LDAPReferrals Off.)

I know that some of the libs implement a hoplimit internally but don't support
changing it with ldap_set_option. My concern would be for cases, if any, where the
limit is just plain not implemented (I don't know if such a lib exists). If there
is any chance the limit wouldn't be changeable *or* enforced in any form then I
would definitely say if an error is returned, log something and turn referrals off.

The difficulty is in the fact that the apr_ldap_set_option code can't reset the
Apache LDAPReferrals value. Soooo...

APR should return success, a meaningful error code, or possibly APR_ENOTIMPL based
on the best config/compile-time checks we can come up with, then falling back on
our best understanding/interpretation of native lib return codes.

Then the Apache portion of the code should handle the apr return values. Logging
and turning LDAPReferrals off if necessary.

In the app, why not let the option to enable/disable referrals be the only crucial aspect (setup fails if that option fails), and not fail connection setup if we can't specify the hop limit (assume that the LDAP client library does the right thing)?

Note that currently none of the other options in the apr_ldap_set_option code
return APR_ENOTIMPL however.

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