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     In the article Introduction to Buckets and Brigades, the author mentions

“””Note that we created a new bucket every time we replaced a character. Couldn't we have prepared four buckets in advance - one for each of the characters to be replaced - and then re-used them whenever the character occurred?

The problem here is that each bucket is linked to its neighbours. So if we re-use the same bucket, we lose the links, so that the brigade now jumps over any data between the two instances of it. Hence we do need a new bucket every time. That means this technique becomes inefficient when a high proportion of input data has to be changed. We will show alternative techniques for such cases in other articles.


But I did not find the “other articles” the author mentioned! Would anyone please tell me where to find this article or how to do when we want to  improve the efficiency of using buckets in such situation?


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