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From Andreas Otto <aotto1...@onlinehome.de>
Subject Porting to APR failed
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2009 14:19:30 GMT

Dear APR Support Team,

  some time ago I made the strategic decision to port my software:


  to APR by able to use all of the nice features.

  Some days ago I finally start to do this job ... but today I got a massive
  disappointment ...

  You ask why ?

  It's the UNIX Domain Socket issue !!!

  well Unix-Domains are very beautiful in terms of usability

  you only have to create the "sockaddr_un" as part of "sockaddr"
  and you can use the same code you allready written for
  network sockets to use local sockets

  The main advantages are:

	1. 50% faster as network sockets (on linux)
	2. absolute secure -> no network access

 now the problem:

   APR does not support Unix Domain Sockets

 First I couldn't belief it but than I start checking the internet
 and found something suspicious

 1. many user already request UDS Sockets
 2. but the APR team says Windows has no UDS -> it's not cross-platform
	-> we'll not support this

 Now You get my Answer:

  1. It's a problem of MS not supportting UDS and not a problem of UNIX to
      offer them

  2. In fact the MS management decides that they don't want to support
      UDS and using the backdoor of APR they force the UNIX to not support
      them too

  3. There was still a possibility to introduce a non-portable code to offer
      UDS -> that was not done
      -> some members of the APR team force me not to use UDS

  than you remember I will give away part of my knowledeg (using APR)
  and as result they force me to do something what I don't want

 I will not delete my UDS specific code just to use APR

 Now my offter -> You support UDS until 5 Feb 2009 and I'll use your library


  Andreas Otto

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