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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <wr...@rowe-clan.net>
Subject Re: Apache Portable Runtime artifacts
Date Sun, 09 Nov 2008 19:56:47 GMT
Max Bowsher wrote:
> Alan D. Cabrera wrote:
>> I would like to publish the APR artifacts into the Maven repository,
>> [1].  I think that the group id should be org.apache.apr and the
>> artifact id should be apr.
>> Does anyone have a problem with these group and artifact ids?  Does
>> anyone have a problem with me publishing these artifacts?
> What are the specifics of the artifacts you were thinking of publishing?
> APR is not a Java project after all.  I do realize that strictly
> speaking, Maven is not just for Java, but any publishing of native code
> into Maven tends to be fraught with difficulties.
> It would probably be best for the precise files being published to be
> acked by an APR committer or PMC member before publishing.
> Actually, wouldn't published Maven artifacts be considered an ASF
> release and therefore needful of PMC voting?

I can't quite see how you would have a maven dependency on "APR-1.2.x" such
that the appropriate platform architecture would be grabbed and installed.
AFAIK a maven package is platform neutral.  The way dependencies work, it
would be a real mess, since tcnative.jar couldn't just depend on apr-1.2.x
but would have to either package ALL platforms in that jar, or learn some
platform-conditional magic.

Can you provide an illustration of the sort of package you hope to create,
and how dependencies would remain simple to the .jar author consuming apr?

Otherwise it really seems like a total waste of energy.


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