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From Ruediger Pluem <rpl...@apache.org>
Subject Re: apr_memcache 1.3.X sending unnecessary QUIT to memcached server
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2008 10:48:17 GMT

On 10/03/2008 06:08 AM, peter baer wrote:

> Also, if you look at the apr_reslist_create() documentation, it states
> that the ttl "if non-zero, sets the maximum amount of time a resource
> may be available while exceeding the soft limit. ". Why then is the
> destructor being called for all resources that expire, even those
> below the "min"?

I guess the documentation is wrong. This behaviour was changed a while
ago to the behaviour you describe: If a resource is expired it will not
be handed out any longer but it will be closed. This is needed / useful
e.g. for database connections that become faulty after some time because
the database server closes them after some time of inactivity or a firewall
in between breaks the connection after some time. It is also very useful
when pooling persistent http connections and you know the keepalive
timeout settings of your backend.



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