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From Tom O'Brien <tom.obr...@ncf.ca>
Subject apr-util removal of md4/md5 algorithms (legal issue)
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2008 17:24:58 GMT
Hi all:
I'm using the Log4Cxx logging library in a project, and it uses apr and
apr-util as part of the implementation. In reviewing the license to
apr-util, I noticed it contained a reference to the RSA reference
implementation to md4 and md5. The lawyers here got a look at the
license, and were not amused (no specific right to redistribute). I saw
that the Debian team had raised a similar issue in the mailing list archive.

My question is, that if the project using apr-util does not use the
hashing algorithms, would it be possible for me to stub out the routines
(and remove the offending code) in apr-util, or is this going to be a
very unpleasant exersize?

Just looking for advice, not instructions! :-)


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