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From "Eric Covener" <cove...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: 1.3.3 tarballs for review
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2008 01:10:06 GMT
Summary: no regression from 1.3.2 on platforms below.  No apr-iconv in
use (i assume this impacts xlate failures)

[+]  Release apr-1.3.3
[+]  Release apr-util-1.3.3

hpux/parisc: all tests pass

  testxlate           : -Line 63: expected <0>, but saw <22> (non-regression)
  Note:  Needed to remove __hpux__ stanza in testdso.c (libtool
creates .so not .sl) (non-regression)

  testxlate           : |Segmentation fault (core dumped)  (non-regression)
  testsock            : |Line 257: expected <>, but saw
<::ffff:> (non-regression)

  testxlate           : |Line 63: expected <0>, but saw <22> (non-regression)
  testsock            : |Line 92: Problem getting http service (2): No
such file or directory (non-regression)

I didn't have much luck analyzing the AIX crash, in two different
environments dbx complained at length about internal errors in

Eric Covener

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