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From Steve Comstock <st...@trainersfriend.com>
Subject Re: Adrift with Apache
Date Sat, 12 Jul 2008 14:15:06 GMT
Greg Ames wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 9, 2008 at 1:00 PM, Steve Comstock <steve@trainersfriend.com> wrote:
>> Hmmm. Seems to me the configure script ought to do the check
>> for an existing file,
> that's in the patch, but it happens at buildconf time fwiw.
>> I picked up autoconf-2.62 from a GNU mirror, but I was reluctant
>> to use it; since 2.54 is in toolsNtoys, which is in my PATH, I
>> thought that a simpler approach.
> I'm looking at mine again and I see autoconf 2.54, not sure what I was
> looking at the other day.  maybe it's time for new contacts.  with the
> patch on, build tools installed, and $PATH all set for building httpd:
> httpd-2.2.9]$ srclib/apr/build/buildcheck.sh
> buildconf: checking installation...
> buildconf: autoconf version 2.54 (ok)
> buildconf: libtool version 1.3.9 (ok)
> ...i.e. you should be able to use the tool-N-toys autoconf.
>> * non-GNU libtool, and you provide a link; but I gather
>>   I'm better off to install libtool-zOS-httpd-2.2.tar.Z
>>   from the link in this email, right?
> yes.  that's what I use with 2.2.  The 2.0 vintage libtool will
> probably work with 2.2 also, but more experimenting with env vars etc
> may be required, and you will end up with apr and aprutil statically
> linked into your apachecore.dll.
>> * GNU autocnf and m4; here you provide links, and also
>>   these are in the ported tools N toys; which to use?
> go with the tools-N-toys versions.  they are more likely to be up to date.
>>> I am still bypassing an autoconf version check in pcre, however.
>> I don't get the meaning of that last sentence.
> the patch does that for you.  look in the patch file for something
> that hits srclib/pcre/ if you want to know the details.
>> I've unwound the tar ball using pax (my surprise: I had
>> to do it twice, since the first time I didn't include
>> -oto=ibm-1047; I figured this was for an EBCDIC system
>> so the stored text would be EBCDCIC. Might want a note
>> to that effect).
> it also works on BeOS (not EBCDIC).  will do, when I get a round tuit.
>> Well, I'll work on those after I get the basic install / port
>> done. But now, where do I go?
>> Here are the pieces I have available:
>> My guess is, I need to install the new libtool I just untarred; that is, do a make
and make install.
> you are very close...the README is your friend
>> But then do I need to modify some other code?
> yes, modify your httpd source tree with the patch I provided.
>> Do I need to do a buildconf?
> yes, mainly to hook the z/OS libtool into your source tree.
>> A configure?
> yes, then make + make install + copy over the libapr[util]-1.so files
> into your <prefix>/lib/ dir
>> Is build.patch a classic UNIX patch file?
> yes.  normally I use unified diffs, but the tools N toys patch program
> used to choke (S0C4) on them.  I provided a fix for the patch program
> but don't know if it's on the web page or if you have it.  so the
> patch was created via diff with no options.
>> If so, where do I apply it?
> to the top of your source tree, i.e. your unpacked httpd tarball.  you
> should be able to tell by looking at the filepaths in the patch file.
> Greg

Well, I see two options; in /usr/lpp/zApache I have build.patch,
and directories libtool, bin, share and httpd-2.2.9

if I am in /usr/lpp/zApache, I could issue:

   patch -n -i build.patch httpd-2.2.9

except that httpd-2-2.9 is a directory; I've not issued 'patch'
against a directory before, didn't even know you could do that.

The other choice, it seems to me, is:

   cd httpd-2.2.9
   patch -n -i ../build.patch

but then what file would I specify?

Kind regards,

-Steve Comstock
The Trainer's Friend, Inc.


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