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From "Sander Striker" <s.stri...@striker.nl>
Subject Re: Opaque structures in general (was Re: Opaque apr_pool_t structure)
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2008 16:16:17 GMT
On Fri, Jun 6, 2008 at 5:10 PM, Yann <yl@bee-ware.net> wrote:
> Christopher Key wrote:

> Ryan Bloom wrote:
>> If this is what you really want/need, then I would suggest focusing on
>> a patch that implements this functionality.
>> Ryan
> OK, I can try to do that although I feel some sarcasm in your suggestion,
> don't you think it is possible ?

I'm not sure if I really understand what you need.  It sounds like you'd want to
have something like

 * Detach @a p from it's parent, making it an orphan.  Destruction or cleanup of
 * the original parent pool will not destruct @a p.
 * @warning Use this function wisely, you're changing original lifetimes.
apr_status_t apr_pool_orphan(apr_pool_t *p);

 * Attach @a p to @a parent, making it a child pool.  Destruction or cleanup of
 * @a parent will also destroy @a p.
 * @warning Use this function wisely, you're changing original lifetimes.
apr_status_t apr_pool_adopt(apr_pool_t *p, apr_pool_t *parent);

If that's what you want it's not particularly hard to do.

> Moreover, my solution looks quite simple and I'm afraid it has already been
> discussed in this list, but I give a try ...
> If I had to do a patch, I would try to use the
> apr_pool_cleanup_register()ing / _kill()ing mechanism to bind the pools each
> others.

I would just manipulate the child/parent relationships.

> Including the subpools that would just be pools registered in the cleanups
> list of their parent/owner.
> Do you see another constraint, for a pool to be lately attached to another
> parent/owner, than the two pools have to use the same allocator and the
> to-attach pool *not* to be an ancestor of the attached owner/parent pool
> (that is, not having its own cleanup registered in the owner) ?
> I'm surely missing something, and I surely need some advices,
> regards,
> Yann.

Cook up a patch and we'll give it a look :)



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