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From Steve Comstock <st...@trainersfriend.com>
Subject Re: Trouble in river city.
Date Sun, 29 Jun 2008 16:39:50 GMT
Greg Ames wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 29, 2008 at 12:01 PM, Steve Comstock
> <steve@trainersfriend.com> wrote:
>> Isn't the correct solution to fix autoconf so it's
>> aware of z/OS? It doesn't seem right to have multiple
>> versions of a single function, but rather to have
>> one function that supports multiple platforms.
> GNU autoconf for z/OS works fine, it just creates additional
> complexity/challenges beyond the httpd 1.3 build system.
>> Same goes for libtool.
> GNU libtool for z/OS doesn't work well at all, at least not for
> building httpd-2.x.  Sure, the ideal solution would be to fix it.  But
> it is GPLed which means that for all practical purposes, I can't work
> on it.  Even if I could, it is pretty complex and has more
> functionality than we need/use for Apache httpd, and as far as I know,
> lacks knowledge of z/OS things like exports files and how shared
> objects work on this platform.  So it was simpler for us to create our
> own libtool tailored for httpd/apr.
> Greg

Ah. OK. Thanks for that. I'll play around with that for awhile.

Would it be best to configure and make apr and apr-util
then use httpd configure with --with-apr=/usr/lpp/zApache ?

Kind regards,

-Steve Comstock
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