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From Steve Comstock <st...@trainersfriend.com>
Subject Re: Help with apr and apr-util
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2008 01:41:52 GMT
Branko ─îibej wrote:
> Steve Comstock wrote:
>> but that's one reason I'm so pissed: apparently the version shipped
>> with httpd is not the correct version. This would never be tolerated
>> in the mainframe world.
> I beg your pardon? What is the "correct" version? As I see from our 
> posts, you're for all practical purposes creating a new port of 
> httpd/apr/apr-util. So while that bundled version of APR may not be 
> correct for your particular platform, I don't really find that too 
> surprising given the circumstances. Certainly lots of people have built 
> httpd-2.2.9 and dependencies from the tarball on other systems.

Well, from my perspective, I wanted to install the current Apache,
httpd version 2.2.9; I downloaded the tarball and went through
the install process as directed. Only to find the version of
apr and apr-util included are apparently not in synch with
the httpd in the same tarball. That's why I'm doing this: the
configure of httpd aparently went OK, but the make failed, and
someone told me it could be cured by installing the current
version of apr and apr-util. That's my perspective of what's
happening. I find it very surprising a bundled version of a
subsystem would not be a good fit for a platform, especially
if there is an appropriate fit available. Why wasnt apr-1.3.2
included in the httpd-2.2.9 tarball, I guess is what I'm

I had never even heard about apr before this effort. It's the
server I was after.

> But what do I know. I swore off mainframes when they started to 
> implement POSIX-like subsystems in order that people could actually get 
> anything done on them. 

Huh? People have gotten a lot of productive work on mainframes
before POSIX-like things. z/OS now supports POSIX so that you
can run classic mainframe work at the same time you are running
UNIX type tasks. In fact, running under the shell you can
access both UNIX files and classic MVS files from the same
program. And, running outside of a shell, a program can access
both classic MVS files and HFS files.

Please remember that when I grew up in the business (starting
in 1968(!)), working for IBM, UNIX was considered the enemy.

Now, I'm trying to understand how the two worlds can work
together and compliment each other. It's a fun journey!

Also the local utility refused to lay in the
> cable to power up my pet PDP-10 ...

Ah, well, if you're going to call a PDP-10 a mainframe... :-)

Kind regards,

-Steve Comstock
The Trainer's Friend, Inc.


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