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From Tom Donovan <donov...@bellatlantic.net>
Subject Re: svn commit: r667153 - /apr/apr/branches/1.3.x/include/apr.hw
Date Sun, 15 Jun 2008 23:32:22 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> Tom Donovan wrote:
>> I don't find this necessary with SDK6.1 on WinXP using the 
>> command-line VC9 compiler included with the SDK.
>> Is it "to pick up XP/2003 TCP/IP multicast constants" per the CHANGES 
>> file?
>> The concern is that it opens up the possibility of inadvertently 
>> building binaries which won't run on Win2k.
> Right, understood.  What is interesting is that the constants themselves
> were not available.  If you turn on IPv6, it detects multicast now, but
> all of the multicast group constant args aren't exposed, while the 
> multicast
> API actually was before.
>> True, the minimum Windows platform will probably need to be bumped up 
>> soon - but since there are still a lot of Win2k systems in production 
>> we should probably be explicit about when that happens.
> You know I was very cautious about considering this change, but believe it
> is otherwise harmless for IPv4 builds, in particular.  I have an NT 4SP6
> box I can validate this against, of course.
I don't think testing NT4 is necessary.
I can confirm that there is no problem with this change on Win2k-sp4 with apr 1.3.1.

My worry was that future code changes could accidentally call a WinXP-or-higher function like

GetProcessHandleCount() without a compile error, so it might slip into a release unnoticed.

A quick inspection of the >= 0x0501 functions in the Windows headers shows this isn't a
huge risk. 
Very few of these look like something likely to be added to apr, apart from IPV6.  Most are
functions.  I guess we'll just need to be careful until XP becomes the minimum apr windows


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