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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <di...@webweaving.org>
Subject Re: sendfile in darwin
Date Thu, 08 May 2008 08:17:55 GMT

On May 7, 2008, at 11:58 PM, Geoff Greer wrote:

> 2. httpd on OS X sometimes hangs for a couple seconds. This could have
> many causes, including a kernel bug. I don't know what version of  
> apr and
> httpd Dirk was using, but anything outside the 1.3 branch or trunk  
> on 10.5
> has sendfile disabled  on OS X. On IRC he mentioned people complaining
> about this bug in the wild, which seems unusual considering how  
> recent the

The reports are very old - from 2.0 onwards; it was just the very  
first time that I saw it myself personally on my own equipment (up  
until know I always assumed it was a user error - or when I asked  
people to walk me through reproducing it - we never managed - despite  
their spirent/avalance/webtrend data looking fairly 'real'). Note that  
it  affects freebsd and solaris as much as far as I know.

So we're looking at two different bugs most propably. One easy to  
trigger on macosx and a more complex older bug - which happens to look  
the same. So cried victory too early.

> code is. It would be nice if there was a test case for this that  
> wasn't as
> complicated as running httpd and getting a file. I'm on 10.5 and  
> I've been
> running httpd 2.2.8 compiled with apr and apr-util from a recent  
> version
> of trunk without any issues, but my macbook isn't exactly a high-load
> production machine.

Given that the halt is 2-5 seconds - should not matter.


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