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From Jim Jagielski <...@jagunet.com>
Subject Re: sendfile in darwin
Date Tue, 13 May 2008 20:42:45 GMT

On May 13, 2008, at 4:28 PM, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:

> Jim Jagielski wrote:
>> I wonder if you are seeing timing issues rather than "real" errors...
>>  ./sendfile server &
>>  ./sendfile client timeout
> I get
> >   Waiting for a client to connect...
> >   Processing a client...
> and then failure.
> >   Creating a test file...
> >   Sending the file...
> are client messages.  However, this could be either 1. timing errors,
> or 2. unusual EINTR or other signal noise.

I also wonder if it's cpu based... I'm Intel and you appear
to be PPC.

Also, if you do these tests back to back, you may also sometimes
see something like:

apr_socket_bind()->48/Address already in use
problem with data read (byte 12495 of trl 3):
read `0' (0x30) from client; expected `@'
apr_socket_recv()->54/Connection reset by peer (expected APR_EOF)

meaning that the previous server didn't go away fast enough
for the "next" server to startup (if you do a lot of these
tests back to back)... These hand tests seem quite sensitive
to timing.

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