As the new branches got create, I am wondering if anyone can have a look at this patch.

Also there is a patch for thread pool at bugzilla[1] I think is worth to commit.



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From: Henry Jen <>
Date: Mon, Dec 3, 2007 at 11:22 PM
Subject: [PATCH] Solaris port fix (bug 43000)
To: APR Developer List <>


It's holiday season and things may be moving slower than it usually
is. The patch have been available for a while, and it fixes the port
code for Solaris which I really like to get it in.

It could be somewhat controversial for the atomic code used to defer
the port_associate in apr_pollset_add in order to pass the testpoll
code, which is the needed fix if we consider the semantic of
apr_pollset_poll should be giving accumulated events; Otherwise, we
should revise the test/testpoll.c.

With that said, I break the patch into two, the first port_1203-1.diff
fix bugs of:

1. Return APR_SUCCESS if the poll removed from pollset is in the
add_ring, which means the poll had been added but is current
disassociated because an event.
2. In apr_pollcb_poll, call apr_pollcb_add to ensure port_associate.

And the port_1203-2.diff is the fix to pass testpoll given current
situation, which is less a concern as I consider in most apps,
apr_pollset_poll is called in a loop.

Any comments are welcomed.