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From "Steven Nairn" <steven.na...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: 2 configure script problems(1: config.pld error; 2: decision on anonymous shared memory allocation method failed) under WinXP Pro, MinGW / MSYS
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2008 09:09:07 GMT

Out of the box 1.2.12 doesn't build with MinGW. However, the snapshots
(http://svn.apache.org/snapshots/apr/) build fine.

If you really want to use 1.2.12 you could take the config file
changes from a snapshot to figure out what to hack in 1.2.12, though I
think you'd be better off just using the snapshot - the company I work
for has shipped a product that uses an apr snapshot from August 07
along with an apr-util snapshot from the same time and a lightly
hacked version of apache httpd 2.2.4 (all compiled with MinGW) and it
all seems stable enough - no reported problems so far.

I found it far easier to run "buildconf" in a cygwin shell (or on a
linux box) rather than MSYS but YMMV.

The only annoyance is that it won't build a DLL (at least the snapshot
from last year won't). When I get some time I'll check whether it
still won't and if not submit a patch to fix it. In the mean time the
easiest way to get it to build a DLL is to hack the generated libtool
script after running configure and change the "allow_undefined_flag"
symbol to be "yes" rather than "unsupported".

Steve Nairn

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