On Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 12:00 PM, Víctor <victorjss@gmail.com> wrote:
Sorry by emailing you, but I am not subscribed to any Apache list. I had the same problem with Windows 2000 Server and ldaps connections, and I spent almost a whole week hunting the bug (wireshark usage included), finding your post. The problem is with the compiled version of apr-util, libaprutil-1.dll, that makes calls to wldap32.dll. This dll is different in Windows XP-2003 and in Windows 2000 (see link), and you need to modify apr_ldap_option.c from APR' sources. I attach original file, modified one, and resulted DLL. I successfully test this new library on Windows XP and Windows 2000, and now I can connect by ldaps with my repository.

If any of you could send this little collaboration to the APR project, I would appreciate.



Thank you for your work with this, and for sending it to me.

Unfortunately, it does not solve the problem I am having.  But, at least now the error message is consistent across all 3 version of Windows that I have been working with!

I am copying the APR DEV mailing list so they can take a look at this.

Thx... HH

Harry Holt, PMP