Hello all,

I have just started using apr for a client-server project. A lot a functions have an apr_pool as parameter, so that all the allocations inside the functions are done within the pool (using functions as apr_pcalloc for example). I don't want to use pools for my project, but instead I want to use my own memory allocation scheme. Is there a way to configure apr so that to use my own memory allocator  ?
It appears to me that apr wasn't design flexible enough to allow this.
Why was chosen this method for memory allocations instead providing some function pointers in a structure, something like this:

void my_func (my_allocator* allocator)

where my_allocator is a structure defined something like:

struct my_allocator
    void * (*alloc)(size_t bytes);

this way, the user had a chance to substitute his own function to be used for allocation purposes, instead of forcing the user to use the existing pool based allocation mechanism ...
Pool based allocation is good for some class of applications indeed, but the library should be flexible enough to allow the user to specify his own memory allocation scheme (or not to use one at all and to directly allocate memory on the heap using malloc)

Thanks for your help.

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