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From Lee Fisher <blib...@gmail.com>
Subject Windows-centric auto-tools (was LDAP over SSL on Win32)
Date Sun, 23 Mar 2008 17:10:47 GMT
 > The basic problem we face is that in Unixland we have the autoconf
 > In Windowsland, to my knowledge, we have no such tool -

I've thought about this before.

Someone should write a tool that replaces autotools/configure with 
generated scripts that areWindow SDK/MSC/NMake-centric.

MSFT should fund /grant a student to do it. It would help them reclaim 
some compiler marketshare, while funding an open^Wshared source project. 
Heck, If the solution tied people to Visual Studio, they'd pay a company 
to write it for them. Like people write QuickStart SDK samples, etc. 
Maybe someone here recently visited Redmond? :-) Or if not MSFT, maybe GSoC?

The Antinat proxy has an "autowin", currently just a fancy makefile, it 
might be a starting point.

The stuff you -- and the OpenSSL project -- do is already pretty fancy 
custom build script generation.

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