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From <johan.wik...@nokia.com>
Subject RE: Symbian support in APR
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2008 06:48:43 GMT
>wrowe@rowe-clan.net wrote:
>I'd enthusiastically support a richer macro to express a 
>data-by-call dereference, but that's not possible until APR 
>1.3 at earliest due to the versioning rules.  Since 1.3 is in 
>development, that's the best version to target for such a change.

Ah, but this change would not need to cause binary or even 
source incomptibilities for other OS versions.

This example is now from APU, to be a little less convoluted 
since here data and not data arrays are exported.

In apr_hooks.h there is the line

   APU_DECLARE_DATA extern apr_pool_t *apr_hook_global_pool;

which in the Symbian version now looks like

   APU_DECLARE_EXPORTED_DATA(apr_pool_t *, apr_hook_global_pool);

When APU_DECLARE_EXPORT is defined, that is, when the apu
library is being built, it expands into 

   APU_DECLARE_DATA extern apr_pool_t *apr_hook_global_pool;

In other words, components built into the apu library sees that
variable directly.

When APU_DECLARE_EXPORT is not defined, it expands into

   APU_DECLARE(apr_pool_t*) _apr_hook_global_pool(void);

in which case the define

   #define apr_hook_global_pool (*_apr_hook_global_pool())

also becomes visible. That is, components not built into
apu uses that variable indirectly via a function call. But
on the source code level there is no difference.

Now, in the case of all other operating systems, we could 
simply have

   #define APU_DECLARE_EXPORTED_DATA(type, name)\
   APU_DECLARE_DATA extern type name

If that also would cause a change in the minor number, then 
I would be perfectly happy with

#if defined(__SYMBIAN32__)
   APU_DECLARE_EXPORTED_DATA(apr_pool_t *, apr_hook_global_pool);
   APU_DECLARE_DATA extern apr_pool_t *apr_hook_global_pool;

which would cause no changes for other Oss and thus could be
introduced as a patch? 

My assumption is that there is less overhead for httpd to take 
an APR version into use where only the patch number and not the 
minor number has changed. And I'd really like to be able to 
start working for the Symbian httpd modifications to be accepted.


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